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Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits

In the United States, our internal revenue laws offer employers a variety of ways for employers to compensate employees in a tax-advantaged manner, and Fortson, Bentley and Griffin’s tax and corporate attorneys have significant experience helping companies and owners select and implement the compensation and benefits packages that best suit their situations.

Our talented team of corporate and tax attorneys recognize that each employer’s situation is unique, and we tailor our executive compensation and employee benefit solutions accordingly. In helping our clients achieve their business and legal goals, our attorneys routinely employ the following techniques:

  • Qualified Plans: including 401(k) plans and aggregation rules for affiliated groups of employers
  • Non-qualified Deferred Compensation (409A) Plans: including vesting rules, short term deferrals and master and prototype plans
  • Restricted Stock: including risk-of-forfeiture rules and section 83(b) elections
  • Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)
  • Fringe Benefits: including employer-provided health plans, medical expense reimbursement plans, dependent care reimbursement plans and cafeteria plans
  • IRA Rollovers

If you are seeking experienced legal representation in connection with an executive compensation or employee benefits matter, please contact us online or by telephone at 706-548-1151 to speak with one of our experienced tax attorneys.