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Mergers and Acquisitions

Fortson, Bentley and Griffin’s corporate attorneys have extensive experience closing all types of merger and acquisition transactions on behalf of our clients, including asset acquisitions or dispositions, mergers, stock purchases and sales, corporate restructurings, spin-offs, and other creatively-structured business transactions.

At FB&G our corporate attorneys provide experienced, creative legal advice to assist our clients in achieving their business and legal objectives. Instead of creating unnecessary obstacles to the closing of a transaction, our corporate attorneys strive to facilitate the closing of transactions by providing practical, informed legal advice with our client’s business and legal goals at the forefront.

On many occasions, merger and acquisition transactions raise complex tax structuring considerations. In those instances, FB&G’s corporate attorneys coordinate closely with FB&G’s talented team of tax attorneys to ensure that our clients reap the benefit of the most tax-efficient transaction structure. If possible, our corporate attorneys will structure our clients’ transactions in a tax-free (i.e., tax-deferred) manner.

Following the closing of a merger and acquisition transaction, there may be a transition period in which the purchaser and the seller continue to have obligations to each other with respect to the transaction. This time period can be fraught with peril, but FB&G’s experienced corporate attorneys have the legal acumen to ensure that our clients overcome and navigate the potential legal risks and pitfalls of such transition periods. At FB&G, our corporate attorneys believe their work is not complete at closing and strive to ensure that our firm’s clients fulfill their legal obligations, such as earn-outs, employment agreements and post-closing restrictive covenants.

By their nature, merger and acquisition transactions can be challenging and uncertain for any client, but FB&G’s experienced corporate attorneys strive to overcome the challenges and eliminate the uncertainty with respect to merger and acquisition transactions with the singular focus of achieving our client’s business and legal goals in the most efficient manner possible.

If you are seeking experienced legal representation in connection with a merger, acquisition, or other similar transaction, please contact us online or by telephone at 706-548-1151.