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Zoning Ordinances

At Fortson, Bentley and Griffin, our talented real estate attorneys have extensive experience handling all matters relating to zoning and zoning ordinances.

Zoning ordinances divide a city or county by legislative regulations into districts based on permitted use. These ordinances protect the rights of property owners, support the structure of the existing community, and are intended to guide and promote the healthy growth of the community. Zoning ordinances and development codes frequently dictate specific requirements within the general zoning classifications, such as building setback lines, building height, parking requirements, and the intensity to which real estate may be developed.

Zoning ordinances can be complex, and they vary drastically among municipalities and counties. Traditional zoning has evolved into comprehensive development codes, conditional uses, planned unit developments, neighborhood conservation districts, historic districts, downtown development districts, and more. Prior to developing or re-developing real estate, purchasing real estate with the intent to continue the existing use, or lending funds to be secured by the real estate, it is vitally important for developers, purchasers and lenders to confirm the existing zoning classification for the property.

At FB&G, our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with local zoning ordinances and regulations, and, due to our presence within the community for over 65 years, we are uniquely positioned to assist clients with zoning issues within Athens and Northeast Georgia.

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