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Land Use & Zoning

Generally, as communities grow and develop, land use policies become increasingly complex. It is no surprise that recent growth in our region has caused an increase in county and municipal land use, subdivision and zoning regulations. From large-scale commercial developments to matters involving a single homeowner, the land use and zoning attorneys at Fortson, Bentley and Griffin have handled a wide spectrum of land use, subdivision and zoning issues throughout Athens and Northeast Georgia.

Not only do our attorneys have extensive experience with analyzing land use, subdivision and zoning regulations, we are thoroughly familiar with the procedures governing compliance with these regulations. We can provide assistance through the application, proposal and plan review process, as well as the negotiations, meetings and hearings with local officials and communities that are often essential to successfully handling zoning matters. Our attorneys benefit from strong professional relationships with local officials. We understand development pressures and work hard to resolve issues in a cost effective and timely manner. From inception to completion, our attorneys routinely guide clients through the broad range of land use, subdivision and zoning matters, including the following:

  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Zoning Variances and Complete Rezoning
  • Development Permits
  • Subdivision Approval or Amendments
  • Riparian Buffers

In order to protect your legal rights, FB&G ‘s land use and zoning attorneys ensure that you constitutional rights are properly asserted and the necessary administrative processes are followed. Additionally, when we have exhausted the other options for resolution, our attorneys are prepared and have experience litigating zoning and land use matters in the trial and appellate courts.

If you are seeking experienced legal representation for land use and zoning matters, please contact us online or by telephone at 706-548-1151 to speak with one of our experienced land use and zoning attorneys.