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General Business Representation

Fortson, Bentley and Griffin’s corporate attorneys represent and advise corporate clients in a variety of general business representation matters and have the expertise to provide comprehensive legal representation in an efficient, effective manner. In each case, our corporate attorneys work closely with our corporate clients to review their legal needs and tailor our legal services appropriately.

In addition to representing many established companies, FB&G’s corporate attorneys assist many entrepreneurs, start-ups, and growth companies with their business law needs. For many small companies, FB&G’s corporate attorneys serve as de-facto general counsel and provide general business representation in connection with business contract matters, lending transactions, acquisition and sale transactions, operational aspects of our corporate clients’ business and operations, including employment-related matters, insurance matters, and intellectual property matters.

Much of the general business representation provided by FB&G’s corporate attorneys consists of the examination, negotiation, and preparation of all types of business agreements, including employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, vendor agreements and service agreements. With respect to employment agreements, our corporate attorneys have prepared numerous employment agreements containing restrictive covenants that comply with the Georgia Restrictive Covenants Act, O.C.G.A. § 13-8-50, et. seq. In each case, our attorneys seek to add value to our clients’ business relationships by highlighting any potential problems or risks inherent in the business relationship and providing our clients with practical, real-world solutions to such problems and risks.

If you are seeking experienced legal representation for any business law matter, please contact us online or by telephone at 706-548-1151.